Youth Education

The focus of Youth Ministry at UPC is on empowering our youth to live as disciples of Jesus who intentionally grow in relationship with God, serve others generously and joyfully, and whose lives are transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. This program serves youth from 6th through 12th grade..

Rather than live as individual disciples following Jesus alone (which we don’t think is really even possible), we want to live as a community of disciples, based on these two principles:

  • In order to live as a community, we have to know each other.

  • In order to know each other, we have to do all kinds of things collectively, such as learning, serving, worshiping, fostering friendships and living life together.

Fostering friendships together

We play and have fun together through activities like: going to Laser Quest, attending Rampage, Silver Star, and Spurs games; playing board games, 4-square, Ultimate Frisbee and kickball; assembling cookie-mix jars for church visitors; and going to Schlitterbahn and pool parties.

2014 Confirmation Class

2014 Confirmation Class

Learning together

We learn together, gathering around food at 9:30 am while discussing life, faith, the Bible, and Jesus, often prompted by Biblical stories, videos, or interactive activities. Breakfast Club is our term for youth Sunday School, and is held in the Youth Room (CE 2) every Sunday morning during the school year.

NOTE: Confirmation class is offered to 7th and 8th graders every other spring.

Worshiping together

We plan and contribute to elements of UPC’s worship services, participate in special seasonal worship service, and visit worship services in other communities for exposure to others' traditions.

2015 Community Service Project

2015 Community Service Project

Serving together

We serve through activities like picking up trash in parks, playing with children at Mission Road Development Center or Haven for Hope, assembling "care bags" to pass out to those in need; and volunteering at Beacon Hill, our neighborhood elementary school.

2014 Care Packages

2014 Care Packages

Living life together

In addition to some of the activities listed above, we also spend time together in Christmas-time lock-ins; annual summer mission trips; Presbytery-wide retreats to John Knox Ranch and Mo Ranch; camping trips to State Parks; and Confirmation retreats.


Contact David Germer (210-732-9927; for more information.