End Family Separation

University Presbyterian Church (UPC) in San Antonio, Texas, joins voices with The Presbyterian Church, USA, the National Council of Churches, and countless other local churches and religious and secular organizations to oppose the cruel separation of families seeking refuge along the United States’ border with Mexico. Such acts carried out by the United States government violate human rights and dignity.

Organized in 1955, UPC is part of the fabric of San Antonio, a compassionate city. Our congregation has a long history of social involvement, peacemaking, and out-reach to immigrant families. As a community, we have witnessed and experienced the pain inflicted on immigrants and asylum seekers by cruel policies.

As people of faith, we affirm that every person has worth as a unique creation and a child of God, and we welcome all peoples, regardless of immigration status, into full participation. In obedience to our faith in Jesus Christ, we reject the criminalization and dehumanization of children and adults seeking refuge from economic privation, violence, and political turmoil.

As a church that proclaims the message of the gospel as a healing and empowering force in the world, we reject the misuse of Romans 13 by Attorney General Sessions and by White House Press Secretary Sanders to justify such inhumanity and cruelty. Inhumanity is counter to the Bible, which calls us to be welcoming of the immigrant, the poor, the outcast and all in need of aid.

Therefore, we join the National Council of Churches and call on President Trump to put an end to the travesty taking place along the border. We also call on the United States government to reunite children with their families and to establish a humane and just system to assist those seeking asylum and refuge in our nation.

As a church, we renew our support and commitment to:

The Sol Center of San Antonio, which through education, calls individuals and communities to encounter the full dimensions of life and faith in the spirit of respectful curiosity.

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition, which welcomes to our community and walks alongside refugees, asylum seekers, and at-risk immigrants, particularly women and children.

The San Antonio Sponsoring Committee, Industrial Area Foundation, a collaborative of leaders from congregations, schools, and non-profits building a network with the capacity to act effectively and faithfully on behalf of the common good.

Following the One who was himself a refugee as a baby in Egypt, and allowed to stay with his family, we will pray with fervor to bring an end to the cruel separation of families and work tirelessly for humane immigration reform.


1) Mobilize

2) Call and Tweet Your Representatives (202) 224-3121

Sample Script:

Hi Rep ____My name is _____________ and as a Presbyterian I am devastated with the administration’s decision to enforce family separation at the Southern Border. I urge you to vote NO on the Border Securityand Immigration Reform Act and any other legislation that would further divide families and criminalize parents.  

Sample Tweet: @RepresenativeName, I urge you to vote NO on the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act. We need policy to #KeepFamiliesTogether

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You can make a difference in the lives of families and children as well by calling these numbers to register your opposition to family separation.  The number of the US Department of Justice is 202-353-1555.  You can also call the President's office at 202-456-1111, although this requires patience because sometimes there is a wait to leave your message.